Nana Time

We were blessed to have Nana come spend some time with us while Max was in Florida for work.  She is so much help and fun to hang out with (kids and me alike)!
The night before Max had to leave he had a work dinner to attend.  It was so great to have Nana.  The kids made their favorite homemade pizzas.  There wasn't even any mess to clean up!  Such a deal.
A date is date, even if the table is talking in a language I don't understand.  It is always nice to get out with my man and eat some fancy food that someone else is paying for. :)
On Sunday we took a trip to the library and then headed to Starbucks to celebrate the cool weather.  The high was only 65!  Certainly need a hot chocolate with those types of temperatures.  We had a nice time sipping our warm drinks and reading our new books.
For Veteran's Day we went to the zoo with the monkeys.
The best part was when Nana took us to feed the giraffes!
They wrap their tongue around your fingers!
 They are such beautiful creatures.
 It was a really special treat.
 Each of us got to feed them twice.
 Their eyes are so sweet.  They are even more beautiful up close.
On Tuesday we had time for a lunch date with our little guy and a little shopping while the ladies were at school.
On Wednesday Nana got to see Hank's school and watch his Thanksgiving performance.
After Hank's little feast we headed for a hike before parent teacher conferences.  We always had a lot going on and I think we kept Nana on her toes from morning till bed.   It was wonderful having Nana in town and to have an extra pair of hands, eyes, and some extra love to go around.  I really treasure these times.  Thank you for coming!


Courtney said...

Aren't Grandparents the BEST?! You look beautiful in the turquoise dress! Hot mama :)

Lacey said...

Awww...I know you enjoyed her visit!!! Looks like you guys are having a fun Fall. You look beautiful as always!