Siri's 1st Birthday

Siri had her first birthday on Oct 30th so we had to have a little party to celebrate our 5th child.
We went Day of the Dead style.
 Even Siri got to try the pumpkin pasta sauce.  It was interesting.  At first the kids loved it, but it had a lingering after taste that wasn't quite right.  I think we can skip it next year.
 But the kids were good sports and ate up all their supper so they could have birthday cake!
Siri got a special doggy cupcake of turkey, cheese, frosting and a rawhide rib as her candle.
 We sang Happy Birthday.  It was so warm the icing melted off the pumpkin face making him look like a vampire.
 Siri didn't mind, she said let them eat cake!
 Presents!  A new duck stuffy.  He lasted 24 hours before he had been defluffed and torn to pieces.
Siri is love.  She wants nothing more than to be by your side loving on you.  She is at my side all day.  She hears the bus come and eagerly waits to greet the kids.  She will go wake up Hailey on demand.  Siri is a good running partner too.  She just fits right in with all the chaos of the house.  Dogs and kids are just meant to go together. 

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Courtney said...

I agree! Dogs and families go together! So glad you found a partner in Siri! Happy Birthday, girl.