Thanksgiving Day 2012

On Thanksgiving morning we thought it would be fun to burn some calories preemptively so we headed out to conquer the "baby mountain" by our house.
Grammy, Bubbus and baby Alanah made it to the first ridge and
Gramps made it to the top of the little mountain.
 Max and I helped Hailey, RJ, Karlie, Kaitlin, Hank and Rayah to the top!
Kids are natural climbers.  They really just needed guidance down the mountain.
When we got home it was time to get to work for the big feast!
This was our first Thanksgiving outside!  It was in the mid 80s and lovely.
It was baby Alanah's first Thanksgiving.  She is such a butterball.  :)
Max and I had a turkey throw down.
Max is quite the grill master these days.  He did a cajun smoked turkey that even had bacon on top.
I did the traditional bird.
 They were both incredible.  It was the moistest turkey I have ever made and Max's had the best flavor.
 While the competition was fierce at times, we made up.  Better luck next year babe.
 It was such a beautiful day to be giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives.

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