The New Black Friday

The retail industry has ruined Black Friday.  Our early morning dash to Target, watching the chaos of people searching for a good deal and having breakfast to celebrate our conquest is over.
With all the deals available on-line and stores opening on Thanksgiving, there really is no longer a Black Friday.  But we got up early and went out anyway.  The stores were all dead at 6 am.  Since we had done most of our shopping on-line already, it was rather deflating.
 Instead, we spent the day consoling ourselves by the pool with a Margarita.
 I think I can get use to this kind of Black Friday. :)
 Max didn't get enough grill time in with the turkey, so he grilled up some delicious ribs.
 My Grandpa, Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne came for dinner.  Uncle Larry was the crowd pleaser with the whip cream shots!

 My Grandpa challenged Max to a game of pool.  He hasn't played in 25 years.  He must have been quite a shark because he beat Max after all those years.  It was really fun to see the two of them play.
The kids decided to try to do a sleep out on the trampoline.  Hailey had a  hard time sleeping, as did I.  A little after midnight I went to check on them and RJ was missing!  I found him on the couch inside.  At that point the mommy panic mode took over and I decided they should all come in so we could get a good nights rest.
The kids all play so well.  Not a single fight between them. 
 Hank and Rayah were inseparable.
It was a great way to spend Black Friday.


Courtney said...

I am jealous of your POOL weather! Looks like a fabulous way to spend the holiday. And my friend, how do you eat ribs and look like THAT?!? You are killin' me!

Anonymous said...

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