Thursday 13 ~ Halloween 2012

1. We started our day together with breakfast.

2. I got up early to make pumpkin scones with cream cheese frosting and pumpkin chai tea.
 3.  The kids had pumpkin seeds for a snack.
 4.  They had cutie pumpkins and pumpkins shape sandwiches in their lunches.
 5.  They were dressed like the cutest little pumpkins.
 6.  Hank had a Halloween party with costumes, trick or treating, and fun games.

 7.  By the time you get to first grade you have to be politically correct and have a "Harvest Party" and dress up in a self made paper bag on the book report you did.  Kaitlin did Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?
8.  In 3rd grade you get to be a mummy.  Karlie had so much fun at her "Harvest Celebration"  but she did get homework.
 9.  By 6th grade you don't get a party by any name but you do get homework.

10.  It is the first year we didn't trick or treat as a family.  Hailey got invited to her BFF's house for a party with her 6 other girlfriends.  So it begins.

11.  Which led to drinking a bottle of Trick wine for Mommy and Daddy. :(

12.  Our air conditioner  is still running day and night. (Might need some more wine.)

13.  Scottsdale weather is perfect for Trick or Treating.  No coats, no boots, and no snow.  Instead we had tank tops, flip flops and and walked till we dropped under the big harvest moon.

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