A New Tradition Begins

This morning we began a new tradition.  I thought it would be fun to celebrate the places we have visited by getting an ornament to represent the state or something memorable we saw or did there.  Next year I hope to get the MKHKKH Family 50 Christmas Tree up and running.  I collected ten places we have been and hopefully will catch up next Christmas. 
The little note in their advent calendar said, "Oh the places we have been and the places we will go...  Lets start a new tradition of remembering MKHKKH Family 50!"

 Each ornament was wrapped with a little saying and they had to try and guess which state it was.
 South Dakota 2012:  Where the buffalo roam and Big Heads go.
 Wyoming 2011:  Gondola with snow in the summer!
 Paris 2010: A kiss on top of the world. (So not a family 50 but definitely worthy of remembering.)
 New Mexico 2011 and 2012:  Magical Balloons and Sand Dunes.
 Paris Arc de Triomphe 2012:  Was too cool not to add to the collection.
California 2011 and hopefully many more: So much to see... Nana, Pops, Anna and Gigi!
 Arizona 2011 - ?: Life is good in the desert!
 Nevada 2011: Optimus Prime was here and so was Siri. 
Texas 2012: From here we could see two countries.
Oregon 2012: Crater Lake and canoes. 

I will be hunting for Rome, Venice, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Montana and Idaho and hopefully we will add 5 more in 2013!  A fun new tradition begins. :)

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Courtney said...

Ummmm....I can most definitely provide you with the most memorable state ever! MONTANA!!!! Watch for iT!