All Aboard!

Last night we took the kids to the Polar Express!!  I have been planning this night since early August when I bought our train tickets!!!!

Max and I made special golden Polar Express tickets to give them when we told them.  (You can get the glitter gold paper at Office Max and use this template to print them.) 

It started with a small hunt for the Polar Express Book.  Then I told them to pack their bags because we were going on an adventure.  They had to wait 4 agonizing hours to find out where.  The guesses were Disneyland, Kansas, Hawaii, the North Pole, California, Flagstaff, and Colorado.  They would stare at our Family 50 map trying to figure out what sate we could get to and back before Christmas.
 Once we dropped Siri off with the sitter, we gave them the tickets. :)
 There was much squealing and delight!  Me included.
We settled down for our 3 hour drive to the train station watching none other than the Polar Express.
One of the highlights for the kids on our road trips is stopping to get gas and any one junk food item in the store.  Hank got a giant chocolate rice crispy treat, Kaitlin popcorn, Karlie orange cupcakes, Hailey chocolate cupcakes, me Doritos (of course), and Max got spicy beef jerky.
 Our hotel was in the cutest little town of Williams on Route 66.
 Max learned from the Starbucks gal that the Polar Express brings in 100,000 tourist to their sleepy town.
 It was really one of those special trips that live up to my imagination.  We walked down the charming main street and stopped for dinner at a 50s themed diner attached to the Grand Canyon Brewing Company.

Dinner and drinks were great and the kids were well behaved.  So good they even earned desert!  Max and I lived it up and got a banana split.  Then it was time for the kid to change into their PJs and robes so we could head to the train station.
 They had a little elf village set up outside the Train Depot.
 They announced that the Polar Express was arriving!!
 Even the hobo showed up to wish us a Merry Christmas.  Hank declined his cup of Joe offer.  Maybe the dirty sock in the cup turned him off.
All Aboard!!!
 The train was complete with chefs in white hats, hot chocolate and cookies.
 Everyone followed along in their books as they read the Polar Express story as we traveled to a time warp tunnel to the North Pole.
As the conductor came around they were beside themselves to have their tickets punched.
 She punched their initial into the ticket.

 The kids were not the only ones over the moon.
 If that wasn't enough excitement, after we went through the North Pole Santa came through the car!
 He gave each of the kids a beautiful silver bell with Polar Express engraved on it.
 Santa told Hank and Kaitlin that "my magic only works when you are asleep on Christmas night."
 He asked the big girls if they were on the naughty or nice list.
 The bells make the most beautiful, sweet sound for all those that believe.
 I believe in the magic of Christmas, for it was a night I will always remember as wonderful childhood fantasy.  My eyes must have welled up a dozen times with joy.  It was the most merriest of nights that I will treasure.


Courtney said...

Nothing more special than the magic in their eyes! Love this excursion! Merry Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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