Bearly Sleeping

It is finally almost here!  The most happiest day of the year.
 Or not...  Today was a bear of a day.  Not at all like our idyllic time with the Polar Express.  Today was wrought with meltdowns, too much last minute shopping, kids fighting and me over extending everyone. There are all these fantasies of a white Christmas and a perfect family dinner playing in my mind, only to be confronted with a hot desert day full of hustle and bustle and hypoglycemic kids making everyone cranky.  Maybe even a day of board games and favorite Christmas movies where everyone is happy taunts me.  Ours was full of frustration.  But that is living in reality of life with four kids.  Sometimes all the stars align and it is really magical.  But most of the time it isn't picture perfect.  After the grocery store, last minute shopping, the Christmas play at church (where Hank was a total nightmare because he skipped his nap and had hot chocolate and cookies instead of lunch) and a prime rib that didn't want to cook which delayed dinner until nearly 8pm; Max and I are more than ready to call it day.
But as any good elf knows, its the most busiest time of year.  With the fire on, the tea brewing and Christmas songs playing, we will attempt to de-Scrooge ourselves.  The family PJs this year say Bearly Sleeping.  So true on this most amazing night for young and parents alike.  After reading the story of Jesus' birth to the kids before bedtime, my spirits are lifted.  Love moved into the neighborhood.  So while I may be bearly sleeping (and aggravated), it is with the motivation of love for the four most precious things on earth that I am here making merry.

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Courtney said...

Isn't it so true? Tonight we had our grand Christmas Eve dinner planned, despite it being just the four of us. Why did we think tonight would be different? lol! At the table Bodi had to have diarrhea twice and fall backwards in his chair. It was more like an eating competition rather than the most joyous evening of all. But that is us for now. And some day we will smile and say, "those were the days"...Xoxo