Forty With Friends

Our friends came out to Phoenix to celebrate Rob's 40th B-day.  
 This is the cake we made.  He is a firefighter, so  I couldn't help but tease him about going down in flames.  
 If there is one thing we like to do, it is celebrate!  The kids are good friends too.  Riley asked to see Hailey for Christmas. :) 
 Megan and Kaitiln are two peas in a pod and Karlie and Kyle played great with Hank.

We have yet to find close friends that we all click with down in AZ.  Anne is a nurse too.  I don't think I have laughed so hard since the last time we saw them.
 They came in search of some sun and we had the rainiest day we have had in over 6 months.  Go figure.  But we tried to make the most of it anyway and climbed the baby mountain...  The rain stopped just as we started and held off until we got back home.  Then it was time to warm up in the hot tub.
No trip to the Oasis would be complete without Max's famous ribs.  In typical fashion, we gorged all weekend.
 They had planned to visit us Friday night and return to their hotel Saturday, but the kids literally got on their knees and begged to stay.  Rob tried to say no but then the girls turned on the tears and he had no hope of holding his ground.   He was the hero of the night.  We spent another night having a rowdy good time.
As they said goodbye, I think Hailey said it best. "You came as friends and left as family."  We can't wait for our next get together!

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