Elf on a Shelf came to us this year!  One morning the kids woke up to find her sitting in the chandelier.

After reading the book, we learned if anyone touched her, she would lose her magic and not be able to return to Santa each night and report on their behavior.  The kids decided Holly was a good name for our elf.  She had little earrings.
 At first Holly was very naughty!
 She even TPed the kitchen and bathroom one night!
Then she got in the pantry and got her KIX!
All over the floor...
 Kaitlin heard from friends at school that Elves like sugar.  So we left the sugar jar open.
That didn't work, so we tried sugar cubes.
 Karlie thought she needed someone to play with.  So we left the Barbies by her.  Looks like Holly knows how to have a good time!
 Marshmallow bubble bath.
 Then she stole a doll dress, so we got a skirt for her.  Suddenly Holly settled down.  But finding her became harder and harder.  On Christmas Eve morning she was in the oven with the cookies!
 Kaitlin left her a goodbye note.  Holly went back to the North Pole until next year.  I am hoping the kids were good enough that Holly won't need to return.  But the kids are confident that Holly is our Elf forever and we will get to see her naught little grin next year!

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