On The 10th Day of Christmas

Today was Kaitlin's day to give.  Looks like she is going to be doing double duty and giving the Tooth Fairy a tooth as well.  She was so proud to show me the tooth necklace she got from the school nurse.   This is the 2nd tooth she has lost as school!
 Before Kaitlin could tuck her tooth under her pillow, she first wanted to give to the Toys for Tots Foundation.  There are many children that won't have much of a Christmas this year.  The kids decided to forgo the gifts they usually get each other and instead use that money to buy gifts for less fortunate kids.  Kaitlin really wanted a fur real friend, so it was really sweet to see her give it away to another kid that needs it more.
We have been working really hard at finding ways to serve and give, but we are seeing that we are really the one's receiving in our 12 days.

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