On The 11th Day of Christmas

On our 11th day of giving, we put together a care package for soldiers serving in the Arizona Army National Guard that are stationed in Afghanistan.  Through Any Soldier you can find a US service member to send a care package to.  They will then distribute the package to the members of their unit.  You can search by name, by state they were deployed from, by location they are serving, and many other ways.  The soldiers we chose report only being able to dine on MRE meals.  They listed items they would love to get and we did our best to fill our box with goodies from good old USA.
The site says over and over the best thing you can send is a note.  The girls each wrote a letter to the soldiers (can you tell they were at piano lessons when they wrote their notes?).

Dear Soliders

My name is Kaitlin.  I am in first grade.  I have a dog name siri.  I like math and Hello Kitty.  I go to school.  Thank you for being here with us.  Thank you for all the things that you do.  I hope you come back for Christmas.  My family is Max, Katie, Hailey, Karlie, me, Hank and SIRI are dog.  I go to piano.  What do you do in the Arme?  Are there any kids there?  Thank you so much.  My family lives in AZ.
Love Kaitlin.

Dear Solider,

My name is Karlie.  I am in 3rd grade.  I live in AZ.  My favorite color is green.  I take piano lessons.  What is your name?  What is your favorite color.  You are so important to me.  Where are you working?  I hope you get to go home for the new year.  Merry Christmas.  Without you the USA would not have freedom.  Your job is so important.
Thank you!


Dear Soldier,

My name is Hailey.  I am eleven years old and I am in sixth grade.  I love horses, drawing, family, and friends!  I play the piano and I have always wished I could fly.  When I grow up I want to be a dolphin trainer after I finish collage.  Thank you so much for risking your life to serve America.

So enough about me, what do you like?  What is your favorite animal?  What are your hobbies?  What is your daily routine?

Thank you so much.  You have protected SO many lives!  I'll be praying for you and hoping that you can be home for Christmas or the New Year.

God Bless you an Merry Christmas,
This might be my favorite gift we have done.  I am so grateful to the men and women who sacrifice so much for me and my family.  Parents miss their children's birthdays.  Fathers miss the births of their babies.  Wives and husbands go months without seeing each other and often days without talking. Moms and Dads worry constantly about their sons and daughters serving.   Military families give so much and sometimes pay the ultimate price.  If we can spend just a little of our time letting them know our gratitude, I think it is the least we can do.  I really would like to continue with this project.  Hopefully our soldiers will contact us and we can have pen pals that we can send love and thanks to.

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