On The 2nd Day Of Christmas

For our second day of service we helped pack 15,000 meals for people in Guatemala.
 Stop Hunger Now delivers essential meals and vitamins to people in severe poverty around the world.  The meals contain protein, rice, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins.  One "meal" has under 300 calories in it.  These are emergency packs of food to sustain life.  Before the packing began we sampled a typical dinner of Latin America in a starving village.  We were all still very hungry when we got home at 8.  Three boxes of Mac-n-Cheese later tummies were full.  It was a sobering experience for   us, who have never had a true hunger pain to imagine that would be the only food.
 Our church is actively working with a community in Sierra Prieta.    Only 13% of children are able to receive education past 6th grade.  They must obtain their water from a mile away and it is considered at a crisis level because it is so unclean.  Many of their homes have mud floors and numerous children die from water borne illness each year.  It is the hope that by going in and lending a helping hand in time the people of Sierra Prieta can elevate their standard of living and education of their children.
It was great to see such a large turnout.  There were 150 volunteers!  Stop Hunger Now reported that if everyone in America gave just 2% there would be enough resources to end the hunger of 3 billion people!  We only gave 2 hours today, but look forward to giving more in the future.

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