On The 3rd Day of Christmas

 On our 3rd day of giving Hailey gave her time where she takes horse riding lessons. 
 The program was founded in 1996 when research showed horseback riding was the most positive intervention for children with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism compared to other sports.  They believe that working with horses can be an alternative to drug therapy.  The barn offers services to all abilities and riding levels.  Hailey is in the advanced level and they have offered to put her on the show team if she wants.  It has a wonderful, positive energy and we are so happy she has found her niche.  

Today during therapeutic riding lessons, Hailey led the horse around the arena for a little girl with Autism.  After the lesson she brushed the horses, then swept out the barn isles, and watered the plants.  She "thought it was really fun to do something to help out with the barn" and hopes to have future opportunities to work with the disabled and therapeutic teams.


Anna said...

That is beautiful! Way to go Beautiful!!

Lacey said...

I LOVE her! And I am not shocked that she is doing so well riding. That is awesome!