On The 4th Day of Christmas

 On our 4th day of service the kids did a neighborhood food drive for the Fountain Hills Extended Hands Food Bank.
They went door to door asking our neighbors if they wanted to donate any food.  We ended up with a generous amount of food to donate combined with our own donation.  They really enjoyed this service day.  Our neighbors were all so delighted with the kids' service to the community and the food bank was extremely appreciative.  I think the encouraging comments combined with seeing truly needy people getting food excited them about giving their time to the food bank.  They said it was the best part of their day!
Feeding people in need has a special place in my heart.  I know I begin to get stressed when the kids are "hungry."  Meltdowns, whining, and frustration are the side effects of them being mildly hungry.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to live in constant hunger and see your children be hungry.  The thought wrecks me.  When I took food to the food bank a few months ago, I was shocked by what I saw.

I am not sure what I expected to see.  But what I did see changed my preconceived notions about the hungry.  I saw the elderly man that bags my groceries from Fry's.  I had learned his wife was a CNA and they moved here from Wisconsin.  I never imagined that he would be waiting in line for food.  I saw a mom and a daughter about Hailey's age hugging each other with shameful faces hung low.  I saw a dozen people that I would have passed and never thought they needed food.  It was an eye opening moment and every time I shop I think about how much we waste and what we could sacrifice to make a difference for someone who is truly in need.

I asked the food bank what were the best items to donate.  They said peanut butter in small servings, jelly, and canned fruit.  They get plenty of canned vegetables, but not enough fruit to balance the emergency food box.  I know I can add an extra jar of peanut butter and canned fruit each time I shop to help make regular donations.  We are learning through our 12 days of service the essence of it is better to give than receive. 

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Lacey said...

I look forward to your posts every day. I love this!!!