On The 6th Day of Christmas

On our 6th day of service we picked up trash in the desert.
 Near our house is open desert space.  Max and I run there and we take off road bike trips with the kids.  Unfortunately some people come and party out under the stars and leave their beer bottles.  Other people come and shoot guns and leave their blasted left overs.  While still others just litter.  I thought it would be a great place to help clean up what we could to keep our desert "beautiful."  
 Hailey took some really nice shots while we were on trash duty.

One man's trash is another man's (or kids') treasure.  They also found a ton of golf balls.  It became a bit like an Easter egg hunt as they ran around putting trash in one bag and golf balls in the other.  Combine that with cholla cactus balls biting their feet and it was a comical picture.  I am not sure what mother lets her kids pick up trash in the desert with flip flops on!

The kids are loving this service project.  Hailey gave me a big old hug as she filled her sack with trash and told me how much she loves helping in someway everyday.

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