On The 7th Day of Christmas

On the 7th day of service we cleaned out our closets for a family in need.

We have so much stuff.  Max and I tend to be holders (not hoarders) and kids inherently seem to hold onto stuff.  I especially hold on to things long after I need them because I just might need them in the future.  This was a start.  We were going to take the clothes, shoes and toys to the Goodwill but we know a family that could use the clothes for their daughters.  After being the recipient of many friends' hand-me downs over the years, I know how it can really help.  Hopefully some of our things will help stretch their dollar during this season.

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Courtney said...

Recently I have started taking things to goodwill knowing we just won't use them or need them anymore. This time of year makes me want to donate them to a particular family. How did you find yours???
I love your random acts of kindness. I am reminded of the person who paid for my coffee in the drive thru last year. I am going tomorrow just so I am do another random act...