On The 9th Day of Christmas

On our 9th day of giving, Karlie gave her time and love at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter.
 Karlie's teacher is very active in the shelter and encourages the kids to bring old blankets, toys or treats to donate.  Karlie knew for her day she would like to help her teacher with socializing some of the dogs at the shelter.
Karlie walked five dogs, loved on them, petted them and helped name two of them.  Her teacher takes the dogs' pictures and puts them on the adoption page.  The shelter takes in over 100 animals A DAY!  I witnessed a steady stream of people coming to surrender their pets. :(  Karlie named one Rex and one Chocolate.  She thought it was really fun and is already wanting to go back to donate some much needed love.

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Courtney said...

Totally awesome. Something Cate would love! Karlie and Cate are so much alike. :)