Play Date Home Run

Today was a BIG day!  The kids had a half day so it seemed to be a good day to get some play dates in before the break.   It was Hank's first official play date with a friend all his own, not just a group play date with some of his sister's friends!  He has had his best girl over many times, but this was the first one he initiated from school, that wasn't a "mom friend" kid.  It was his buddy's first play date too!  Hank was so amped up all morning.  The boys are both into Batman big time and dressed up as Batman and Robin.  They played cars, built structures, played a video game and spied on the big girls.

 It is rare that I am able to orchestrate a play date for all four at the same time.  Today was a home run in the play date department.  Karlie took the bus home with a friend, Kaitlin's twin best friends rode the bus home with her and Hailey's BFF came home with her.  
There were cookies, cooking, painting, jumping on the tramp, blowing bubbles, playing with the dog, playing house, cars, and chase.  It was 5 hours of non-stop go!  Phew!  Maybe the next home run they will end up at their friends!  Would that be a grand slam?? LOL  So happy I am able to be home to do this stuff.  Especially in light of the terrible tragedy,  I just want to hold them tight and make everything right.

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Courtney said...

You deserve a grand slam! I can't believe Hank is that old already. When did that happen??