The 12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 1

Last week I proposed to the family that we spend the first 12 days of Christmas serving others.  I challenged the kids to think of ways during the Christmas season we could give a little of ourselves back to our community.  Everyone has thought of a way as a family we can contribute.  We went over the time and money sacrifices that would be needed by each of us to pull off 12 days of giving.  There was a unanimous vote to give it our best shot!
For the first day of Christmas we had an opportunity to make sack lunches for the homeless in Phoenix of turkey sandwiches, oranges, chips, cookies and water.  Hailey made over 20 sandwiches.
Kaitlin and Karlie packed all the tomatoes while Hank was the delivery boy from the sandwich station to the packing station.  Our children's ministry provided the supplies and with five other families we delivered 70 lunches.  The kids were so eager to hand out the lunches.  Hank would go running up to someone and ask him if he would like a lunch.  It was as much a gift to us to see the joy a simple lunch provided many of these people.  There were an abundance of "God Bless You," and "Thank You!"
 Max and I often refer to the kids as Things 1, 2, 3, and 4.  When I saw the shirts, I just had to get them.    So this morning their advent calendar led them on a hunt for all the THINGS they would do and at the end were the shirts!
  Before I had realized the feed the homeless outreach was today, I had signed us up for a 1 mile run in the Luminaria Run to benefit Hayley's Bone Marrow Transplant Buddies and the children's theater she is active in.  
 The race began at dusk and the course was illuminated with luminaria.
 Before the race they had a kids Desert Dash.  Hank and Kaitlin were in the Lil kids one.

 Hailey and Karlie raced in the Big Kids Desert Dash!
 Hailey took 3rd!
 They all thought it was so cool to get a medal.
 We then set out for our 1 mile run!  Karlie and Max (while pushing Hank in the stroller) ran the entire race in 10 minutes!  Hailey got hung up with a side cramp so she, Kaitlin and I had a 12 minute mile.  It was a great day of giving all we had.  Things 1, 2, 3, and 4 were all out like a light by 7:30.  Thing Mom and Thing Dad are close behind.

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