Ti's The Season

Ti's the season for kid Christmas plays!  On Sunday Kaitlin and Karlie performed in our church's  children's choir Christmas production.
 Kaitlin was the Star and Karlie was Mary.
They performed the story of Jesus' birth and sang a few Christmas songs.  Living in a Phoenix Wonderland being the crowd favorite.
Hank was a Jingle Bell Boy.  I am so grateful for our church.  The kids get so much out of it and we have been welcomed into a very loving extended family.  You can feel the Holy Spirit moving in this place.  Good things are happening for the Lord and we are excited to be a part of it!
 I just have to experience Christmas time to the fullest, so Sunday evening we set out for Zoo Lights!
 This is a tradition we carried with us from Denver Zoo Lights.  I think this is the only thing the Phoenix Zoo does better.  With over 3 million lights and a musical choreographed light show over the lake, it is a sensory delight.
We always pack hot chocolate and a warm treat.  It was freshly made brownies this time.  We sat by the lake listening to the music and watching the lights dance as we warmed out bellies with treats.
 This is Christmas!
 Lights and Loving.
It finally got cold!  It was fun to bundle up and continue our Christmas tradition of Zoo Lights.
After a weekend of celebrating, Christmas plays and Zoo Lights we were all pretty tired.  I think Max summed it up best.  Mama keeps us busy. :)  Ti's the season for making memories!

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