Animal Encounters With Auntie Anna

 Auntie Anna came to visit us for MLK weekend! 
 We were able to have some very special animal encounters while she was here.
 On Saturday we headed to the zoo.  Nana sent a special treat for us to feed the giraffes.
 We were a little more prepared for our second encounter with the giraffes and knew how to hold the food.  
 The kids love this!
The big kids loved it too!
 Look at the size of that tongue!
Our handler was really nice and educated us about giraffes.  We learned giraffes have more capillaries in their dark patches to help warm them.  Their blood pressure is twice as high as humans in order to pump the blood all the way up their necks.  Amazingly, giraffes have the same amount of vertebrae that humans have, just really big ones!

I bet Max was wishing his neck was a little stronger.

 It was a beautiful day at the zoo.  When we got home it was time for some encounters with Max's ribs and Oasis margaritas!
Auntie Anna is a hardcore UFC fan and we were introduced to our first fight.  Not sure it will make the play list here but was somewhat of an animal encounter to watch.
Sunday was craft day!  The kids and Anna made plaster masks and constructed wooden 3D puzzles of human and dinosaur skeletons.  Max got to teach Anna all about football too.
Monday was a very special day!  On Saturday when Hailey had her riding lesson, Anna went with her.  She helped groom the horse and watched Hailey ride.  The instructor offered to let Anna ride the next time she came out.  When I came to pick them up I asked if we could do it this time!  
They had an opening on Monday so we went.  We were all a bundle of nerves before we got there but the staff were so confident, capable and encouraging that it just seemed meant to be.
 It was a very emotional hour.  I feel blessed that I got to be apart of such a joyous experience.  I was fighting tears of joy the whole time.  I will never forget seeing Anna and Hailey ride together!  They both share a passion for horses and it was wonderful to see them doing their thing together.
 The coolest part is they invited Anna to ride anytime she is here!

It was a really nice weekend getting to see Aunt Anna and all of our amazing animal encounters.


Anonymous said...

Happy Trails, dear ones, go for it. Gigi/Gram

Courtney said...

What an awesome weekend for all of you! So happy for Anna too.

Anonymous said...

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