Canvas With Kids~ All We Need Is Love

 Last week the kids wanted to paint so we did a Canvas with Kids!  They love painting.
With Valentine's Day around the corner we decided on a love theme.
Each of them came up with their own masterpiece and I got to paint with them too.
 I drew a heart for Hank and let him go for it.  
 I can't believe how well he stayed in the lines.  He did every bit of it by himself except the outline of the heart!
Kaitlin drew a heart to represent each of us.  Max the big heart, then me, and the one with pink is her.  One could speculate about how big of a heart she feels her siblings have.  :)
 Karlie painted a tree of love.  The leaves are hearts.  The sun, cloud and grass all have hearts in them.
Hailey's hearts full of love.
Mine was a complete copy off a picture I saw.  But none the less, I was rather impressed with myself.  I  usually have zero artistic ability.  I must have learned something at the Canvas and Cocktails.
 It would be fun to do this every month.  I have a wall in the family room that I have been searching for a picture to put on it and haven't found anything worth buying.  This collection fits perfectly and is priceless!
 All We Need Is Love Collection

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Lacey said...

Super cute!! Love that you have a place to hang them. Now all you need is Max to do one!! :) Happy Almost Valentines Day! Miss you!