Kindergarten Round Up

Yesterday Hank had Kindergarten Round Up.  Did you read that??? KINDERGARTEN!!!!
  During the round up all the incoming Kindergartners and their parents come to learn about the school.  The kids are divided among the Kindergarten classes while the parents listen to the principal, the assistant principal, nurse, and PTO highlight the schools strengths and give new school parents an idea of what to expect.  While I was in the music room listening to the speakers, Hank was paired up with a current Kindergarten boy.  They were playing tag when I came to get him.  Hank can't wait to go back and see his buddy and go to recess.  After touring the school, we boarded the bus for a little ride so the kids could be just like the big kids.  Hank can't wait to start school, however I was already holding back the tears.  I am going to miss our days together. :(

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Courtney said...

It can't be possible! Time to have another one :)