New Year's New!

 For our New Year's Day of new the kids wore their new sweat suits.  The best Max and I could do for new were new undies.  Guess we will have to work on Santa for next year.
 Nana played two new games with the girls.  Labyrinth and Rat a Tat Cat.
The kids got to play in their NEW tree house and watched Madagascar 3 that they got for Christmas.

Our new food was Chinese dessert.  None of us, even Pops and Nana, had ever had Chocolate Wantons and Banana Spring Rolls.  Since Hank couldn't partake due to allergies, we also got to try Hello Kitty Jelly Beans.  The dessert was delicious!  It was a nice day of trying new things.  Hopefully we will have many opportunities to try new things in 2013!

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