Police Station Tour

 Yesterday Kaitlin's Daisy troop took a tour of our police station.  The tour started out in a classroom where the officer educated the kids about 911, bike safety, stranger danger and what police officers do.  I was rosy red most of the talk due to my over verbal son.  While talking about a topic, the officer would ask the kids questions.  Hank has yet to learn to raise his hand and would eagerly shout out his answer despite my repeated rebukes.  When the officer asked for examples of emergencies, Hank shouted, "if there is HOT LAVA!"  He did provide some comical relief but I would rather someone else's son be the class clown.  Then when the officer asked what do police do?  Hank eagerly chimed, "kill people!" Nice.  I must have been bright red as I was suddenly very hot.  It could have been worse...  He could have said eat doughnuts, give out tickets, or some analogy to a pig.  Not that he would have learned that at home or anything.
To tour the 911 call center you have to have your license ran to be sure there are no warrants for your arrest.  The officer kindly informed all the mothers that if you have an outstanding warrant, it is probably best if you sit out this portion of the tour.  Well, I had left my purse in the car (if you can't leave your purse in the car at the police station, you are really in trouble).  So I jumped up to go get my purse and joked I would be sitting this part out.  I think the Daisy leader was a little concerned at first that I was bolting.  Those rosy cheeks popped up once again.  In the 911 call station the girls got to practice being a dispatcher.  They listened to a real call of a possible intruder.  Then it was down to the holding jail to see where the criminals are fingerprinted and mug shots taken.  Hank really liked the handcuffs in the cell.
Next it was time to check out the police cruiser.  Hopefully they will never be in the back seat of a police car again! :)  Kaitlin liked all the buttons in the driver's seat.
At the end of the presentation the officer showed the kids what was in his belt.  I thought Hank's eyes were going to pop out when the officer whipped out his baton and it extend like a light saber.  Then bullet clips, a gun, a taser, pepper spray, and handcuffs.  This belt rivaled Batman's utility belt in Hank's eyes.  As the officer started talking about gun safety he asked the kids how many of them knew if they had a gun in the house.  All of my kids raised their hand.  The officer nodded and said, "yeah that's about right.  On average 1/3 of homes have a gun in them."  Only 2 other kids raised their hand.  My crew making up almost 1/3 of the gun owning group.  Again, I could feel the heat on my cheeks.  It was a rosy, hot two hours at the police station for mama but a really great educational experience for the kids.  I am sure you can guess Hank's latest obsession.   

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