Winter Break Fun

We fit in a few more fun times before it was back to school.  The girls each got a facial mask in their stocking for Christmas, so we had to have a spa day.  
Poor Hank.  I wasn't sure what to do with him, so he got a chocolate mud mask too. 

Max was relieved to learn that Hank was whacking the girls with his gladiator sword the entire time.  I don't think we will be seeing him at the spa again, he was ready to wash it off immediately.
But the ladies of the house loved it!  Our faces were so soft and smooth.
I used up the leftovers of all of the girls' masks. Karlie's was a facial peel type, so it was clear.  My neck got a peel.  Hank told me I looked like Two Face from Batman.
Over the break Karlie got to cook her first steak with just guidance from Daddy.  She started the grill, put the steak on and flipped it.  Then Max taught her how to cut it.  She thought it was the best steak ever!
We also went to see Monsters Inc in 3D.  Hailey loved Monsters Inc when I was pregnant with Karlie. We must have watched it 100 times or more.  I finished making Hailey's Monsters Inc bed set just a few days before Karlie was born.  
There are so many lines from the movie that we have incorporated into our family jargon.  It was a serious walk down memory lane.  Yes, there may have been some tears from an over sentimental person that will not be named.
 On our last night before it was back to the grind of school and work, we had a family arm wrestling showdown.
 The winner moved up.

Hailey has grown so much.  I actually had to try pretty hard to win.
 While I may be freakishly strong, Max had no problems smashing me!
 None of us were ready for the fun to be over.  Kaitlin and Karlie slept together (in a twin bed) last night.  
I have so much fun with my gang.  It is going to be a great year of working hard so we can play even harder.  Only 5 months to summer!

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