Diagram of Unicorn Anatomy

Hailey's world is colored with horses and unicorns.  Not too long ago we were driving and she had a smile on her face. I asked her what she was thinking about.  She replied, "I am just watching the unicorns running beside us."  To say she has an active imagination is an understatement.
Today she showed my this diagram of unicorn anatomy that she came up with during math class.  Yes, math class!  Today was technology day and she forgot her itouch at home, so she asked her teacher if she could make a diagram instead.  He said, "Sure." Apparently he got quite a giggle out of her "diagram."  In Hailey's alternate reality....  Unicorns drink rainbow waterfalls and eat colorful flowers. Then they pee liquid rainbows, poop rainbow cookies, and fart rainbows.  I couldn't stop laughing so I had to share.  The next time you see a rainbow, I hope you will remember that a unicorn just farted!  LOL


Anna said...

This is my new favorite thing

Lacey said...

HILARIOUS!!! I'm sure she had a few laughs from more than just her teacher! :)

She definitely has a great imagination and still has that love for horses/unicorns that she has had since I can remember!! Love it!