Ground Hog Day!

While we didn't have Punxsutawney Phil to check if it was time for spring, Max popped up out of his ground and agreed spring is on its way.
   He spent the day burrowed in the bathroom fixing a toilet leak and yucky mold!
 We had a really good winter spell.  It rained for 3 days straight!  The kids loved playing in the puddles and dancing in the rain.  I loved cooking those heavy, comfort foods that taste oh so good when it is cold outside.  We used our fireplaces too!
 Then we had cold snap that hasn't happened since the 1978 and set a new record low for peak temperature of 45 degrees (I know!  What a joke!).  We had 4 nights of a hard freeze.  We tried in vain to save our plants by covering them.  The Goodwill had even run out of sheets.  In normal places people make a run on grocery stores and gas stations before a storm.  Here people storm the stores for sheets to save their plants.  Even Target was sold out of its cheap white sheets!  Many of our plants appear dead. :(  Time will tell if they are able to leaf this spring.
 Even with our pretend winter, we are all happy to hear that spring is on its way.  That means pool time is around the corner!
As the temperature hit the upper 70's it felt as spring is here. :) Three, or four, cheers for spring!!!!


U-Dave said...

Love the "captain crunch" t-shirt!!

Courtney said...

For real?! I was wondering what to pack for spring break...guess we will get some SPRING!
Supposed to reach 50 on Saturday. It's probably been nearly 5months since we've seen that!