Manic Mondays

I always imagined once the kids were in school that I would have a spotless house, have the closets, the Tupperware and the pantry perfectly organized.  I would have so much time on my hands that each day I could tackle a little cleaning or organizing project.  As time marches on I look around at my house that seems to resemble the aftermath of a nuclear bomb and the closets that are completely unorganized, Tupperware spread in multiple cupboards and a pantry that I can barely keep stocked much less organized.  How did this happen?  Reality happened.  I started examining my day to see where I could fit in a little more home maintenance time.  Mondays are crazy...

Everyone is up and getting ready for school by 6:30 while I pack lunches and savor my coffee.  There are usually many meltdowns about clothes, shoes and backpacks.  Someone must scream "Mom" about every 2 minutes!  Then Hailey is off to the bus by 7:40.  Then Kaitlin and Karlie to the bus by 8:15.  Once I am back from bus drop off I try to get the breakfast dishes and a load of laundry going.  Quickly I get Hank one more breakfast and get out the door by 8:45 to take him to school.  Drop Hank off and zoom to the gym.  Meet my girlfriend at the gym and work out/mommy therapy time for an hour.  Get home and shower and flip another load of laundry.  Eat something before I head out at 11:45 to Kaitlin and Karlie's school.  Sometimes a quick grocery store run is squeezed in there too.  Volunteer with the school nurse for about an hour.  Then down to Karlie's class to teach Wordmasters for an hour.  At 1:50 it's time to leave and pick up Hank from school.  After Hank gets home it is a snack and I put him down for a quick nap.  I then have about an hour to finish the kitchen and start something for dinner.   Kaitlin gets home at 3:30 and I feed her a quick snack before it is time to run to dance at 3:50.  Get home and have 15 minutes to keep working on dinner before we leave to pick Hailey up from play practice.  Luckily Max can pick up the girls from dance because directly from play practice Hailey heads to swim practice.  She eats dinner in the car.  I drop her off and race back home.  At 5:30 I finish dinner preparations.  We eat by 6 so we can pick Hailey up from swim by 6:30!  Back home by 7 to work on homework.  Finally it is PJs, brush teeth, stories and bed.  Max and I are usually asleep by 9!

This is our manic Monday, but Tuesday-Thursday are not much less crazy.  Usually I job share with 2 other mom's and Max to make these days work so it is not this intense.  But occasionally Max is out of town and the moms can't carpool.  Even still, I am not seeing anytime for cleaning or organizing.  With spring coming, life is about to get even more crazy as Hank starts T-ball and the K buddies do volleyball.  Looks like everyday is going to be just another manic Monday.  Maybe when they go to college my house will finally be clean and organized!

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Lacey said...

I feel like we are living parallel lives after reading your post---except you have an extra kid. ;0)

Life is busy...

But I am trying to take deep breaths and enjoy it!

Miss you friend!