Mini Mardi Gras

 We had a mini Mardi Gras yesterday!  Part of the fun was learning a little bit about Mardi Gras traditions.  We learned the masks were used to hide the identities of members of secret societies and the upper class.  Today the masks allow people to anonymously celebrate before Lent.
 Over the weekend the kids decorated masks for our celebration.   Everyone donned masks and beads for dinner.  Karlie loved busting out some of her Wordmaster words as she "jangled" her beads and told everyone not to "reveal" their faces. :)
The colors of Mardi Gras were chosen to honor a Russian Duke visiting New Orleans in 1872.  Purple represents justice, green represents faith, and gold represents power.  These colors influenced the school colors of LSU and rival Tulane.  The shops in New Orleans had ample supply of purple, green and gold for the Mardi Gras season when LSU was deciding on it's colors.  They went with purple and gold and bought a lot of it.  Tulane was left with what was left, green!
You know I will use any excuse to make a cake, so I made a King Cake.   The traditional cake has nuts and eggs, so we had a Henry the King of Scottsdale cake instead.  The King cake represents the three kings (wise men) bearing gifts to baby Jesus.   It is customary that the person who finds the baby in their cake will host the next party or bring the next cake.
We decided the person who found the baby would get three extra coins.  Hailey was the lucky one this year!  They are already talking about who will get the baby next year.  I guess we will be celebrating Fat Tuesday from now on.  Karlie is already begging for us to take her to Mardi Gras. We are in so much trouble!  I had better start fasting now!

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