Spartan Race

Last weekend Max and I competed in our first Spartan Race!  We did the Warrior Dash last year and decided to try the Spartan this time.  The Spartan was much more challenging and fun.
The Spartan Sprint was suppose to be about 3.2 miles with 12 obstacles.  But they don't tell you what the obstacles will be.  It changes with each race location.  There are always a few classics like the spear throw, the barbed wire crawl through mud, and jumping over fire.  But if you fail at any obstacle they have people at each obstacle that make you do 30 burpees to continue.
As we were running along we came to the 1 mile mark but had only done one obstacle.  That seemed odd to us.  It was the monkey bars.  Max breezed by but I slipped 3/4ths of the way.  I tried again and fell at the same place.  So 30 burpees for me.  We continued to run up and down the mountains.
 The trail was through the McDowell Mountains.  It was cold and cloudy but incredibly beautiful.  It was a great trail that was so technical at times you needed to use your hands to climb over rocks.
Some other obstacles were climbing over a 6, 7, and 8 foot walls.  Max easily cleared them.  Luckily he could give me a little boost to reach the top of the 8 foot wall.   Then we had to climb up a 25 foot rope and ring the bell.  The bottom of the rope hung in a pool of muddy water that went to my waist.  So you were slippery and wet as you climbed up-not to mention cold because it was only 49 degrees!  We both made it!
There were some over and under sections and a section where we had to carry a 50 pound weight around and back.  After running some more we came to a obstacle where you had to pull a cement weight with a chain through the sand.
Then we ran some more and came to a military wall crawl after carrying a sandbag up a hill and back.  
Then we ran to the spear throwing station.  We both failed.  The man at that station said they only have about a 10% success rate.  So 30 more burpees.  Ugh!
 We jumped the flames and hit the barbed wire mud crawl.  At the end of it is a wall with a rope to climb.  The wall is full of mud.  We witnessed many face plants and wipe outs.  But we made it over and ran to the Spartans waiting to knock you down!  The three guys took one look at Max and decided they were going to take him out.  I was able to sneak by with just a swack on the butt!  Max tackled the one guy and lifted him up and threw him on the ground!  My hero!!
 It seemed like a really long race.  We found out the next day that it was actually 4.7 miles!!  Once again I held Max back.  We are looking for a couple to do it with next year so he can go all out with someone and I can have a buddy.  It really is one of those races that are more fun with partners.  You can help each other through the obstacles and cheer each other on.
 I placed 1678 out of 4050 racers, 337 out of 1451 females, and 56th out of 260 women in my age group.  About the top 20%.  My pace was 20:29 per mile.  Since Max had to wait for me, he was slower for a guy.  He placed 1679 out of 4050 racers, 1342 out of 2599 men, and 224 out of 458 in his age group.

I definitely felt like a warrior by the next day. A cactus had bit my butt during the race leaving quite the mark.  Not to mention bruises over my legs(that I still have a week later)  that looked like I had been in a serious fight.  We were both walking around very stiff the next day.  Despite the pain, we both really enjoyed the race and have already signed up for next year!  We have a year to improve our time.  I would love to place in the top 10% next year. :) I am going to be working on my monkey bars every time we go to the park!  


Lacey said...

The pictures alone were worth the Burpies. :) What a fun thing to do with Max! Love all the pictures! You go Katie!

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