A Firefly's Light Goes Out

Today my Grandma Helen passed away.  The kids associate her with Fireflies.  They were delighted when we went to visit her with these new bugs that lit up!  The kids chased them, they caught them and they marveled at their light!  Grampy told them he use to put there light up butts on his finger for rings.  We put some in jars for a night light.  The kids only got to see Grandma Helen a couple times but have very strong and fond memories of her and even today talked about going to see her and the fireflies.
She was like a firefly.  She was a bright light that lit up the room with her laughter and happiness.  She was full of energy and spunk.  When Max and I went to Omaha to visit Creighton for Max's medical school interview she nearly wore me out showing me all over Omaha.  She was a granny on the go!  When she came to watch Kerrie and me so Mom and Snork could go away for a week, she called both Max and I in "sick" from high school so we could hang out with her and swim all day!  She also taught Kerrie and me how to sneak into a second show at the movie theater.  It seemed pretty harmless watching a "double feature" with your grandma.  She always had a big smile, a jovial laugh, a warm hug, and was delighted to have family around.  She flittered in and lit up our lives every time we saw her.  She is the kind of grandma I hope to be one day.
 Betty Boop, singing fish, dancing Santas, Omaha Zoo, red lip stick, batteries expired 20 years ago, proud Republican, and "Snorkie" will always be things I remember her fondly with.  For such a tiny lady, she had a huge heart, and was a bright light in my life.
While her light has gone out here, I just know she is shining like a star in heaven.  Love you G'ma H.

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Courtney said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma. :( It's never easy to let go, but those memories are had forever.