Aunt Mel, Uncle Colin and Cousin Corrin Come To Town

 The first week of March my sister Mel, Uncle Colin and Corrin came to visit us!
 We had so much fun hanging out.  Mel and I were talking and realized we haven't spent that much time with each other since we were kids living together.
It was great to get to know each other's families.  The girls were all over little Miss Corrin. Colin helped me be two places at once and took Hank to T-ball on night.
 We visited the train park and went to dinner at our favorite sports bar.
We ate lots of delicious food.  Aunt Mel made some dynamite curry one night.
 There may have been some delicious drinks too...
We had such a grand time they agreed to stay another day to play.  It was really special to spend so much quality time together.  I have realized living away from family that while we may have seen each other more frequently when we lived in Colorado, now when we do see each other we get to really visit and spend time together.  We can't wait to see you again!  Thanks for coming.

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Anonymous said...

We can't wait to come back!! Love you all!!! The Haggertys :)