Baseball- A Sport For All Generations

While my Mom was visiting for Karlie's Birthday weekend, my Grandpa came to watch Hank's first T-ball game.  It is not every day that four generations get to sit and watch a baseball game together.  Max was stuck at the hospital, so it was nice Grammy and Great Grandpa could be there.
Grandpa has always been a coach.  Here he is giving some pointers before the game.  The coach gave Grandpa the bench spot!
It was so sweet as they called each player out to the field and said their pledge.  Hank is the 3rd from the coach.  Max is quite envious that Hank has a jersey with his name on it at 4 when he never, ever got a jersey with his name on it.
 Hey batter, batter...
He hit it!
Rounding third base with just a little help from the 3rd base coach.  :)
Half the time the kids don't know where they are running much less where they are suppose to throw the ball!
 All the way home!
  Hank was hilarious.  Offense is definitely his strong suit.  While at the pitches mound behind the coach who was pitching, Hank decided to sit down and play in the dirt.  He filled his hat with dirt.  He filled his glove with dirt.  He spun around in circles until he fell down.  His head was not in the game but he provided many laughs for the parents. He has lots of room for improvement. 
It was very special to me to have my family there.  With so many events it is just us.  It was really great to have an entire rooting section.  We had a fried chicken picnic dinner and just took in the warm sun as we watched Hank play ball.  It was a neat afternoon doing something generations before me have done.
Baseball is a great sport for all generations!  It allows people to connect in away that other sports don't seem to.  A wonderful American past time if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...


As I sat at my desk at work reading this, I began weeping. It is an incredible blessing that you and your children will have those memories to cherish. We all love and miss you guys terribly here in Colorado. Hopefully we will get a chance to see you guys soon.

I love you all,
Cousin Kylee

Courtney said...

So special! 4 generations taking in an all American past time. Is Hank a lefty? Guess you know what Max needs for Christmas...