Cathy Comes To Town

After my Mom left on Monday, our good friend Cathy came to town on Tuesday.  She was in town for genetic counselor meeting.  Unfortunately, she had to leave the kids at home because all the kids had school.  But it was a lot of fun for us to spend time together as adults and not just moms.
One night we went out for a girls night happy hour that turned into 3 hours of happy times.  With old friends you can pick up where you left off.  We never ran out of things to talk about.  It was a fun week but I am feeling my age and I think my liver is taking a pretty hard hit.  This staying up late and getting up early isn't is as easy as it use to be. :)  The dark circles and bags under my eyes are well worth all the good times and laughs.  It was so great to see you Cath!  Hopefully it work out to bring the whole bunch back this summer!

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