Greek Festival!

On Thursday the 6th graders at Hailey's Middle School concluded their study on Greece with an all day Greek Festival!  Everyone donned Togas and celebrated.
Here is Hailey with her favorite teacher. Mrs. G., who unabashedly told me Hailey was her favorite student. :)  Hailey adores Mrs. G and she has been instrumental in Hailey's success in middle school.  I have a feeling she will be one of those teachers Hailey remembers as having impacted her life.  I am so grateful Mrs. G was Hailey's 1st period teacher.
 The first event in science was the Grecian boat contest.  The kids had specific dimensions their boats had to fit into but could construct them out of any material and any shape they wanted.  They added olives and saw what boats held the most.  Hailey won at her table but didn't make it to the class olive off.  She had 54 olives and the winner was 68.
In English it was wreath making and vocabulary challenge against the teacher.  At the end it was down to the teacher and Hailey for who could make the most words out of Athenians in Greece.  The class was all trying to help Hailey beat Mrs. B.  When the timer went off Hailey had 2 more words than the teacher!  As Hailey handed her the paper, Mrs. B said, "Show off!"  I guess she got the language gene.  Must have skipped a generation. LOL
Our Greek Goddess.
 They really went all out with Greek columns, chocolate fountains, catered Greek food that was delicious (sometimes it pays to be a volunteer!).  They even had roaming painted Greek statues!
 It was wonderful to be able to volunteer for the day and see Hailey in her element.  Once they are off to Middle School parents are pretty cut off.  You don't exactly go in to volunteer.  Seeing her with her peers made me so proud.  She is grounded and full of potential.  Such a delightful lady she is growing into, especially in contrast to some of the knucklehead boys in her class!

Toga!  Toga!!

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