Hailey's First Horse Show

Last Saturday Hailey competed in her first horse show!
 Our little cowgirl's first event was Pleasure for 13 and under.  In this event the horse is suppose to be a pleasure to ride, so the judge watches the horse change leads and how smoothly he follows commands. Hailey rides "Easy,"which is a misnomer.  He is the most difficult horse in the barn.  Easy is easily spooked and does not like other horses.  Great for a horse show!
 Easy missed his lead change right when the judge was watching Hailey.  So she ended up placing 4th in her class.  When I went to congratulate her after the judging, I could see the fire in her eyes.  She wanted to win and was not happy taking last.  She vowed to do better in the next event.
Her next event was Horsemanship for 13 and under.  In this event the judge looks at the skill of the rider.  They look at how well the competitor stays in the seat of the saddle,  the correct placement of their hands and feet, and the strength of their lines and angles in a series of maneuvers through a pattern.
 After getting her feet wet in the first event, Hailey was ready to ride!  She looked so great and in control.  I saw her instructor's eye s well up with pride and joy.  :)
Hailey claimed 3rd this time!  She was beaming afterward.
Two ribbons in her first show!  I think she has officially been bit by the show bug.  What could be better than spending 5 hours hanging out with her horse, her buddies from the barn, and getting a chance to show her stuff?
Way to go Jo!  We can't wait to see more ribbons and watch you ride.

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Courtney said...

Love that Jo of yours! Way to go Hailey! Such a great sport for years to come...