Montanans Meet The Desert

Courtney, my best friend from nursing school, and her family came to visit us for spring break!  When we were moving to Arizona we began our road trip heading toward Montana where they live.  We were wowed by the beauty of Montana so it was fun for them to come get a little taste of the desert.

Courtney and I got a chance to go for a desert run twice!  So much fun to run with a buddy!
 I think little Bodi summed our week up.  We all played so hard we fell into bed each night.
 Just add water...
Kids are happy to play in the bath or the hot tub.
 Good friends, good food, and good wine.  What could be better?
We went to the zoo and found three wise monkeys that would claim to see no evil,  hear no evil and speak no evil.  I'm not buying it.
 Spring was in the air with baby Zebras and pouncing Tigers.
 After a hot day at the zoo we went for some ice cream.
Another day we visited the train park.
Everybody loves a carousel.
We managed to squeeze in a spring training game too!
 It was great fun to hang out on the grass at the old ball game.
 Sun, junk food, beer and the sound of a bat cracking a ball.  Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.  Even Max took the day off to play.
 On their final night with us we went on a double date.  You can't come to Scottsdale and not hit a few golf balls.
 With a little special "Golf Juice" Courtney and I were practically Tiger Woods.
 We had a wonderful time playing, eating, drinking and hanging out with Courtney, Brennan, Cate and Bodi.  The K buddies and Cate were like triplets and played so well.  Bodi is a living cherub and I think Hailey wants to adopt him.  Okay, well maybe that is me. 
Courtney and I stayed up talking till the wee hours of the morning every night just like a bunch of school girls.  I think we are still recovering from all the fun we had!  Thank you so much for coming!  We look forward to many years of spring breaks to come with you! :)

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Courtney said...

And I am wondering why I am still tired today! We had the best time with all of you. You are definitely the hostesses with the mostesses. :) I hope that we can sway you to come our way...I am already planning!

Rafting, fishing, camping under the stars, hiking, and maybe a couple adult beverages. ;)