EGGstravagant Ending To March Madness

We went out with an eggstravagant ending after our month of hosting family and friends.  Nana and Pops came for Easter!
This year we both dyed eggs and painted them.  Kaitlin laughed hysterically as Nana and Hailey blew out the eggs.  Her laugh was so infectious we were all laughing. Painting eggs was really fun!
 We didn't get to dying the eggs until 9 o'clock!  There is only so much time to swim and ride bikes!
Easter morning there were baskets of goodies and a mad dash around the house finding Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny.
 Then we got all gussied up for church.

We had a weekend full of feasts!  Pasole, Jambalaya and Ribs!  Since we were bucking all Easter dinner traditions, I had to get some baby lamb chops.  They ended up being the most scrumptious appetizer thanks to Jeanette and Max.  Wow!  Of course there were creamed eggs and cakes too.  There might have been some prickly pear margaritas and some wine sampling.
After our month of celebrating I am looking into rehab, a juice cleanse, and eating only salad for April.  LOL
What good times!!
Pops teaching the ladies the West Coast swing!
Everybody loves the sun and water.  Even Siri took a soak in the hot tub.
 The grill master and his cronies.
This pretty much sums up March Madness at the Oasis.  We partied till we dropped 25/31 days!
Our final weekend of celebrating was truly eggscellent!

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Courtney said...

It is beyond me how you feast like a king and look like Hollywood! You all are such great Hosts, it's no wonder why you had a house of guests all month! Next time serve us Spam....;)