Rough Way To Get Rich

On Friday Karlie started her orthodontia treatment.  She had such a great smile I figured if any of the kids could escape braces, it would be her.  Boy was I wrong.  Her x-rays showed her adult teeth were coming in at an angle that could kill the roots of her adult teeth already in.  She needed to have teeth pulled and an expander put in.
Karlie got to choose anything she wanted for her "last supper".
 She wanted uncooked pasta, wings, corn on the cob and a whole apple.
I regret listening to the orthodontist in his advice that she could handle all of it done at once.  Our dentist recommended doing it over three visits, but I followed the ortho's recommendation.  She was in the chair for 2 hours!  After they pulled the top teeth she was in tears and complaining of pain.  She sobbed the whole way home.  While the ortho said it was an emotion reaction she was having to the Valium, I am not sure I agree.  Karlie was also suppose to have a bit of amnesia for that day.  She remembers everything clearly.  I can tell you Mama Bear was growling and ready to give the good doctor a piece of my mind when he called to check on her later that evening.  I was feeling very upset with how things went until we got home.  As soon as Karlie saw Pops and Nana she perked up and didn't shed another tear.  In fact she hardly complained the rest of the day.
It might have had something to do with Pops agreeing to play Monopoly with her or with all the extra hugs and loving she was getting from everyone.
 Our little tough chick endured a lot.  As a result the Tooth Fairy DOUBLED the price for a tooth!  Karlie scored 30 dollars!
She claims she would rather do it this way and get double her money.  Maybe the ortho was right?  But it still seems like a rough way to get rich in my book.