Viva Las Vegas!

Last weekend Max and I head to Vegas baby!  We rented a convertible mustang for the drive.
It was too much fun!  Max clearly enjoyed it as he made the 5 hour drive in 4 hours.  We had the top down until my teeth were chattering.  It was thrilling to be in such a little car that could go so fast and having the convertible was icing on the cake.
 We rolled into Vegas around 2 am but had to put the top down and cruise down the strip. :)  There is no time to sleep in Vegas.  I think over three nights we got 14 hours of sleep.
We were only there for a little over 48 hours but we made the most of it.  We visited all the major icons of Vegas and got the Buffet of Buffet cards that allowed us to eat at 11 participating buffets as much as we wanted for 24 hours.  We had breakfast in Paris and unlimited seafood at the Rio.  I don't think I have ever eaten so many crab legs!  We got our money's worth in sushi and crab alone.  The extent of our gambling was Max putting a dollar in the slots and lost.  We spent our money on other entertainment...
 Kidding!  This was as close as we got to Chippendales.   We met our good friends Rob and Anne from Colorado there to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the Venetian.
The last time Max and I were in Las Vegas Hailey was 4 months old.  It is difficult to party like a rock star when you are nursing a baby and still getting up in the night.
So, we tried to make up for it this time around.
Ah, but age was not on our side.  Rob and I were taking chasers of Maalox with our adult beverages.   Anne lugged the Maalox around in her purse all weekend.  Not the iron gut of our 20s anymore. 
The craziest things happen in Vegas.  While we were in the casino someone tapped my shoulder and said, "Are you Katie and Max?"  It was a friend we went to high school with and have not seen in 18 years!  Even crazier she lives 30 minutes away from us!  I suppose not everything that happens stays in Vegas.  We are going to get our families together for a BBQ.
It was wonderful spending a weekend as a couple.  When we were in line to go dancing at a club the guy behind me said, "Let me guess, you guys are in the first year of your relationship."  He about choked when I said, "try 22nd year!"  Its good to be madly in love with your best friend.
The concert was amazing.  The theater only holds 1800 people, so it is much smaller and intimate than any concert we have been to.  Tim and Faith shook hands with everyone in the isles of the main floor.  Shoot! Should have bought better tickets!  Faith's Dad and Tim's Mom were also in the audience.  They sang all our love songs.  I was disappointed that no one was standing and dancing.  I guess I belong with a rowdy crowd than Vegas.  I was hoping to dance with Max to our wedding song, It's Your Love that they sing together.  When they began to sing Max grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the theater and danced our wedding dance with me!  He even dipped me at the end.  I will always remember that moment where everyone disappeared but him and the sounds of their voices singing live!
Thank you Rob and Anne for partying like rock stars with us!  While our time in Vegas was short, the memories will be long lasting.
We were not quite ready to be done with our little vacation so we rode with the top down the whole way home.  Pretty fun way to get a tan and way better than traveling by plane if you ask me. :)
 The kids couldn't wait to take the car out for a spin.  They all LOVED the Mustang (especially the big kid driving)!  I don't know, there could be a middle age, midlife crisis sports car in his future.
Karlie kissed the mustang and said, "I will see you in 7 years!"  Apparently she thinks she is getting a mustang at 16.  It might be that many years until we get back to Vegas,  but I think we had enough fun to last us at least that long.  Viva Las Vegas!

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Courtney said...

What a great trip!!! And what a ROMANTIC husband you have to pull you up to dance! You two are doing something right because you have love on your side!