The Table

Our dinner table is a very important part of our lives.  We strive to sit around the table together almost every night.  With sports and activities it can be a real challenge.  There are late night dinners and sometimes 4 o'clock dinners to try and all eat together.  But both Max and I feel it is essential we have this time to share a meal and reconnect as a family.  Some of our best conversations are around the dinner table.
We have a couple dinner time traditions.  Each night it is a designated person's night to pray.  Max starts the week off on Sunday, Monday is Mommy, Tuesday is Hailey,  Wednesday is Karlie, Thursday is Kaitlin, and Friday is Hank.  Saturday is the night we are least likely to be at home so it is open night.  Who ever calls it gets it that night.  I never thought I would hear kids argue over who gets to pray!  I love hearing what they pray for.  Without fail every night Hank reminds us to pray for Scottie and thank God for healing baby Christian.  Karlie usually thanks God for the grass while Kaitlin always thanks God for each person at the table.  Hailey usually give thanks for her loved ones.  It is a time to pray for each other and thank God for the blessings in our lives.

Our other routine is doing Best Part of Your Day.  One person will start by ask someone what the best part of their day was.  Then that person chooses someone else and it continues that way until everyone has gone.  It is a nice time to hear about each person's day and let us all evaluate the best parts of our day.  The best part of my day is almost always dinner time.  I love to eat and I love to be with my family and the funny conversations we have.  One night the topic was what spirit animal would you be.  Similar to how Native Americans have animals that symbolize them, we went around choosing our animal.  Funny night.
Hank: A bat because they can fly in the night.  (I am sure Batman had no influence on this animal:)
Kaitlin:  Kitten because sometimes they are sweet and sometimes sassy!
Karlie: Elephant because they are smart, strong, and nice.
Hailey: A Unicorn because they are beautiful, mysterious, and solitary animals.
Katie: A Dog because the are loyal, they wag a lot, and run in a pack.
Max:  He started out saying his fantasy animal is a lion of course, but said he sees himself as a Monkey because they have four appendages to get work done.  Monkeys are capable and do more than other animals. 

This simple, sturdy table has many stories ingrained in it and it connects MKHKKH in a special way.
"Everything changes around the table."
~Matt Anderson

The Bs Come To Town

My sister Chrysti, her husband Scott, and their boys Max and Titus came to visit us for the Memorial Day weekend!
Being in the desert was a new experience for them.  Hopefully staying at the Oasis will be an experience they want to repeat. :)
 There are few musts while staying with us.  The first is to relax and hang out pool side.  I think we were successful in accomplishing this mission.
The boys were a pool force and we spent everyday enjoying the sun and watching the kids have fun.
 Hours of water filled fun.
 We worked hard to enjoy ourselves too.
 The other mandatory thing is to eat and eat a lot while staying with us!
We had wine and cheese with pizza by the pool the first night.  Then it was ribs, beer can chicken, grilled veggies, and quinoa salad the next night.  Max's home made Mexican finished out the weekend.
 Eggs Benedict, pancakes and sausage, and salmon and bagels started our days.
Pool side refreshments are always in order.  Kiddie and adult versions.
 Can't come to the Oasis and not get a grill lesson from the grill master.
 For our final meal we went to In and Out Burger, something they can't get in Colorado.

The cousins had a blast together.  They didn't fight once all weekend.
They are living in an apple world.  When they weren't in the pool they were mindcrafting.  Listening to them chatter to each other while playing is so funny.  
They played hard and we wore them out! At times Hank, Kaitlin, Max and Titus all passed out from exhaustion.  Kids just go until they have nothing left.
We had such a fun time hanging out with the Bs!  We can't wait for your return.  Thanks for coming and we love you!

Salute To The Stars And Stripes

I thank God for my life
And for the starts and stripes
May freedom forever fly
Let it ring

Salute the ones who died
The ones that give their lives
So we don't have to sacrifice
All the things we love
~Zac Brown Band

Signs of Summer

It is getting hot!

These arrived in the mail.

Last day of packing lunches!  I am really excited about this one!!
 Instead of baseball,

 and dance practice...
We have evenings of HKKH circus circus,
and evening walks.

Lots of time for the pool!

 Water day at school is a sure sign summer is here!

 First day versus last day of school!!!


Let the summer fun begin!!!


Siri is my buddy.  We spend many hours together during the day.  We have all grown to love her sweet and loyal nature.
She is a creature of habit and has learned the rhythms of our family.  When I put my sneakers on, she goes to get in her house because she knows I am leaving to the gym.  As I make lunches, she sits by my side patiently waiing for the crust off the kids' sandwiches.  At breakfast she eagerly awaits an egg yolk from one of Max's omelets.  When I take the kids to the bus, she sits at the door and waits for my return, often running to the nearest trash can and tearing up all the snot rags she can before I get back. She quickly goes to her spot before I come in the door and plays dumb about the tissues all over the house.  But Siri's most precious routine involves her beloved Hailey.  Siri and Hailey have a special bond.  Sometimes like litter mates and other times like a loyal dog and her girl.
At 3:00 pm most days, this is where you will find Siri.  Working on her beauty rest.
The bus rolls by our house at 3:01.
 The roar of the bus instantly alerts Siri.
 Time to spring to action!
 She runs to the front window.
 She peeks out the dinning room window and eagerly waits for her girl.
 But it can take a while.
 The bus rolls by leaving our neighborhood after dropping the kids off down the street.
 So she waits.
 And waits...
 Waits some more.
Sometimes as long as 5 agonizing minutes she stares steadily out the window looking for any sign of Hailey.
 She is home!!!  Our loyal puppy does this every day without fail, no matter where in the house she is when she hears the bus, she loyally runs to the door to wait and greet Hailey. :)

You can watch her wait, but it is a long wait...