This is my 1000th post!  Anyone who knows me, knows I am rarely at a loss for words. :)  But 1000 posts!  That seems like a lot to even me. We have had over 150,000 visits to our blog! 
 Over the last 6 years I have documented the ups and downs of being a parent.  I have written about the joys we have been blessed to experience, our travels, and about the lights of my life: M_HKKH.  Thanks to Blog2Print we have been able to create yearbooks for MKHKKH.  I am saving up to get 2012 published and then our library will be up to date.  One of the kids' favorite things to do is read through the blog books.  They love seeing themselves as babies and reading about their lives.  The blog books have become an unexpected treasure.  What started as an outlet for a mom stuck at home with little kids napping has grown into documenting our family story.  As I read some of the older entries, I am so thankful I have continued to blog and capture the emotions and feelings of fleeting moments in time.
I have expressed to Max that blogging is more challenging these days because I have to use a certain level of discretion.  While it is funny and humorous to talk about baby diapers blowing out all over your car, on your shirt and in your face, as the kids have grown the stuff that is funny can't really be shared.  If I blogged about puberty, crushes, and failed tests it would be humorous in hindsight but hurt in the present.  As a result, the blog becomes more of brag book than a glimpse into the reality of our life.  However, I hope to continue sharing the wonder the kids bring to our lives and a little about the rest of our life as they grow and we evolve as MKHKKH.  Thanks for reading! 

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