A Weekend And A World Apart

Last Friday Pops flew into Phoenix and he and Max headed out to Galway Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert.  They met up with Max's Uncle John and Uncle Dave.  When Max was in high school the boys would meet to shoot guns, ride motorcycles and rough it in desert.  It has been over 15 years since the last time they all met up for a boys weekend.  I think I disappointed the crew by not allowing Hank to go, but he is my baby.  I wanted Max to do the trip as an adult father and not with the memories he had a young buck to assess if it Hank was ready.  Max is already working on me to let him go next year. :)
We had such different weekends.  Unfortunately I was on the grumpy side.  Max had been traveling a lot leading up the desert trip so I was a little out of sorts anyway, but we muddled through.  On Friday I got to be a chaperon for Kaitlin's field trip to the Sea Life Aquarium.  I have been able to attend some of the kids' field trips but never be in charge of a group or ride the bus with the class because I always had another little one in tow.  Kaitlin was beaming the whole day and our little group had a great time exploring under the sea. :)
When Max is gone a lot, I let each of the kids have a sleep over night in my bed.  The prior weekend it was Karlie and Hank's turn.  This weekend was Kaitlin and Hailey's turn.  It is fun to chat with them before bed and give them my undivided attention.  Sleeping with them is another story.  Between grinding teeth, kicking feet and arms draped across my body, it isn't so fun or restful.  Oh, but so worth those smiles, giggles and morning snuggles.
Saturday was a busy day.  Hailey had horses and then it was time to go straight to Hank's baseball game.  After the game we came home for some lunch and a little rest.
 It was Derby time!  We all enjoyed hearing about the horses, their trainers and the jockeys.  Everybody bet on a horse and Hailey was the winner!  She chose Orb and won a dollar!  We are big gamblers in this family.  LOL
 To celebrate the K buddies final volleyball game I took them to happy hour at Starbucks before the game.  The Frappuccinos are 1/2 off (of course decaf)!  This was one of those moments I am not proud of.  Sometimes you try to do something fun and special and it backfires.  As we were loading up in the car, the car that I usually have a strict rule of only water drinks but I let slide for the special occasion, Kaitlin tripped getting in and dumped half of her strawberry cream frappuccino all over the floor.  It was everywhere.  You all know how milk NEVER gets out of the carpet.  Just add some 100 plus degree days and we will be smelling really good.  I had to pace outside the car and count to 10.  I kept repeating, "don't cry over spilt milk, don't cry over spilt milk..."  Not my best moment.  But by the game I had blown off all my steam and we were ready to play!  The K buddies had one rally where Kaitlin dug it and Karlie bumped it!  They both improved so much this year.  It was fun to have them on the same team and I hope they will want to do it again next year.
Saturday night was Hailey's turn to slumber with me!  She wins as best sleeping buddy.  We had a good night talking about all things tween. :)
 While we slumbered, these two goofballs decided to sleep together too.
 They are so dang cute when they are asleep.

Sunday morning we were off to church.  It was our Sunday to teach Sunday school so Hailey had to jump in as Max's replacement.  With summer in the air Hank's class was a little wound up.  They could probably sense that I was out of sorts and like animals, it made them crazy!!  I think frazzled sums that  morning up.
I was still on my last nerve Sunday afternoon and had no tolerance for arguing.  The four of them were bickering about mindcraft so they got grounded from it and had to pair all the socks in the socks box.  I am such a mean mom.  I was feeling pretty rotten about what a grump I had been all weekend so in a gruff voice I said, "line up from youngest to oldest."  They looked startled and asked if they were in trouble or had to do more chores.  I said, "No" but maintained my grumpy demeanor.  Then I picked Hank up and gave him a big old squeeze and said, "I haven't told you today how much I love you."  Hailey then asked, "Did someone die?"  LOL  I knew I had been mean but didn't think that mean.  After giving them all a big hug and apologizing for being so sour I realized part of my problem was worry.  I was terrified something might happen to Max on the bike, and it was clear after a week of him traveling, I would come unglued without him.
We had made a deal we wouldn't do motorcycles until the kids were grown and didn't need us.  Then the opportunity for the trip came along and he just had to have a bike.  I tried hard for a dune buggy instead but he really wanted a bike.  He promised that dirt bikes are much safer than road bikes.  But as he giddily told it me had 12 inches of clearance and then I learned the kid that sold it to Max had rearranged his face on a jump, the worry began to gnaw at me.  So as soon as they made it home my mood magically elevated!
 In stark contrast to our weekend they were in primitive conditions with no running water.  They lounged in the sand watching each other play with big boy toys, while we sat in an air conditioned room watching the Derby.

We had yummy frappuccinos while they had desert espressos.
 They slept out under the stars with no pillows (error on Max's pack job) in the truck bed while we cuddled in a downy bed.
As we did horses, baseball, and volleyball,  they rode bikes, shot guns and drank beers.
 They had a blast being boys and I am so happy Max got a chance to go hang out with his family and let his redneck colors shine.
I love you my gun totin, dirt bike riding, wonderful and wild cowboy!  I am so glad you are home safe and sound.

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