Hank's Preschool Graduation

Yesterday Hank had his Preschool Graduation.  We are so thankful he was able to attend such a great school.  His teachers have a combine 24 years of teaching and have taught together for 9 years at his school.  Hank can be a handful and they just laughed when I tried to warn them.  They loved Hank and taught him so much this year.  These ladies have a special gift with children and we have seen so much of their work in Hank as he has grown this year.  Due to falling enrollment, his school is closing it's doors this week. :(  It was an emotional graduation as it was the schools last graduating class.
Hank was very excited about his big day and his special graduation hat.  He wanted to wear a tie just like Daddy. 
 They each took the "stage" for a round of applause, pictures and to receive their diplomas.
 Our little buddy ready for Kindergarten!
 High five!
 Hank with his best friend.  They share a passion for all things Batman!
 Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Fleres.
 We are happy, proud and a little sad.  We have been doing preschool for 8 years.  Before you know it they will be graduating high school.
Congratulations Hank!  You are such a wondrous little boy.  You are going to love Kindergarten but boy will I miss our special days together.

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Lacey said...

8 years for me too. We said goodbye last week and it was ugly...i did the ugly cry. So sad that chapter is closed, but i know that Hadley and Hank are ready for Kindergarten!!

Congrats Hank!!