Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  I have so many wonderful mothers in my life.  My mom has been such a wonderful example of unconditional love.  No matter what, she loves us with all her soul.  I try hard to duplicate that love with my own children but seem to fall short of her unending, understanding, and persevering love.  I was blessed to have Max's mom become my second mom in my early teens.  She has undoubtedly shaped me into the woman I am today.  I am grateful for her love, patience and teachings over the years.  Not many girls can say they have three sisters to turn to during the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  My sisters all lover their children more than anything and have been inspirations, guideposts and coaches as we have all went from daughters to mothers.
After working for years as a labor and delivery nurse I know all too well the the heartache many mothers endure trying to become mothers or the unimaginable loss some have faced.  I am humbled that God has given me four healthy and beautiful children.  They are my undoing and it is on this day that I give thanks that I am lucky enough to be called mom.
The kids have showered me with sweet and thoughtful gifts.  Hank's school had a mother's day tea with rose petals and a lovely hat Hank made for me.  Of course he wanted to try it on too. :)  I could have used this hat  for Derby Day!
His things about mom were so funny.
My Mom's name is Katie.
My mom is 46 years old. (I told you I got old at 36 but jeez he is already giving me 10 more years!)
My mom's favorite food is chicken. (Not so much.)
My mom can do many things!  I think she's best at helping me to do things. (I will take that one)
My mom likes to watch the TV show baseball games. (I don't watch TV but I sure like watching Hank play baseball!)
My mom looks pretty when she wears her red dress and red high heels. (Don't have a red dress or red high heels.  But I do have red flip flops)
My mom is smart!  She even knows how to write about me and my sisters.  (I do blog!)
I love my mom very much because she takes care of me and our dog.  She loves me a lot and sings a lot. (I do take care of Hank and the dog, but I don't sing for fear I will make someones ears bleed.)
Karlie also had a mother's day performance.  They recited poems and told funny things about their moms.  Karlie's question was, what does your mom do while you are at school?  She replied, "clean the house and take care of my brother." :)
The kids got me my favorite flower, orchids and wrote me hilarious and sweet poems.
Here is Kaitlin's picture of me:
Two ears to hear me say I love you.
Two lips to kiss me goodnight.
Two arms for hugging.
A heart that is filled with love.
I love you mommy!

Karlie's poem to me:
Dear Mom,
Your farts really stink,
and you have a lot of links (blog)
but I love you very much
and your very warm to clutch!
It is Mother's Day and I am here to say
I love it when you play!
There is no butts that I love you 50 nuts!
You are never gone
and you love your cons.(converse tennis shoes)
It is Mother's Day and I am here to say
I love you very much!

Funniest poem ever!!!

Hailey's poem to me:
Like a gardener that tends her weeds,
You take care of all our needs.
And when we cuddle in your arms,
Nothing is better than your charms.

Working a full day,
Just so we can play.
Cooking amazing dinners,
sinful food for the sinners.

Nourishing, helpful, kind and beautiful,
Your love in the house is mutual.
An when our hopes are low,
You make smiles grow!

I love you mom,
To the moon and back.
You are always so calm

Here is Hank's Mother's Day song.

It is clear I am loved, stinky farts and all.  LOL


U-Dave said...

Katie, ya'll are such a hoot!! Thanks for taking the time to share what you can with us!! U-Dave

Courtney said...

Those poems are so great-showing each of their personalities! :)
You are a Mom I aspire to be. You have some very very lucky kids that get to call you "mom".