Siri is my buddy.  We spend many hours together during the day.  We have all grown to love her sweet and loyal nature.
She is a creature of habit and has learned the rhythms of our family.  When I put my sneakers on, she goes to get in her house because she knows I am leaving to the gym.  As I make lunches, she sits by my side patiently waiing for the crust off the kids' sandwiches.  At breakfast she eagerly awaits an egg yolk from one of Max's omelets.  When I take the kids to the bus, she sits at the door and waits for my return, often running to the nearest trash can and tearing up all the snot rags she can before I get back. She quickly goes to her spot before I come in the door and plays dumb about the tissues all over the house.  But Siri's most precious routine involves her beloved Hailey.  Siri and Hailey have a special bond.  Sometimes like litter mates and other times like a loyal dog and her girl.
At 3:00 pm most days, this is where you will find Siri.  Working on her beauty rest.
The bus rolls by our house at 3:01.
 The roar of the bus instantly alerts Siri.
 Time to spring to action!
 She runs to the front window.
 She peeks out the dinning room window and eagerly waits for her girl.
 But it can take a while.
 The bus rolls by leaving our neighborhood after dropping the kids off down the street.
 So she waits.
 And waits...
 Waits some more.
Sometimes as long as 5 agonizing minutes she stares steadily out the window looking for any sign of Hailey.
 She is home!!!  Our loyal puppy does this every day without fail, no matter where in the house she is when she hears the bus, she loyally runs to the door to wait and greet Hailey. :)

You can watch her wait, but it is a long wait...  

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