Mighty Fine Mother's Day

I had a mighty fine Mother's Day!  Max and the kids made me feel like royalty when really it's me that should be celebrating them for allowing me to be who I always wanted to be.
Max brought me coffee in bed and then we all got ready for church.  Church was one of those times that you could really feel the spirit moving you.  Lots of tears.  Darn, messed up my mascara!
Once we got home, my prince charming cooked my favorite breakfast: eggs benedict and hash browns. He surprised me with mimosas and espressos.
I have a passion for tropical plants.  Max always aims to please so he bought me a Pygmy Palm and 3 hibiscus plants to add to our garden.  He worked hard on Saturday to make sure they were all in by Mother's Day. :)
It was my day to choose what to do, so I requested a family bike ride!  It was Kaitlin's first time off road with her new mountain bike and Hank's first time out of the buggy and on the tag along.  I think I had a stupid grin on my face the whole ride.  Well, except for when Kaitlin wiped out.  She was trying so hard for me, after some hugs she brushed it off and got right back on and kept going.
When it is near 100 degrees during a desert bike ride, the only appropriate way to cool down is jumping in the pool!  We spent a lovely afternoon swimming and relaxing.  Max made sure I was queen of the pool and got to float and tan.  He even made all the refreshments pool side.
 It was awesome.
Redneck cowboy in the making! :)
Before dinner I took Hailey to get her hair cut!  Bangs are all the rage!  Where did my baby go?  Who is this teen?!?!?
Dinner was my favorite: steak tacos with avocado salsa and margaritas!  I didn't do a single dish, a load of laundry or cook a single meal all day.  My husband has to be one of the best in history.  He and the kids made me feel so appreciated.  Mighty fine Mother's Day if I do say so myself.

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