Open House 2013

It was Open House week for the girls.  They are alway so proud to show off their class, have us see their hard work, and talk with their teachers.
 I really liked Kaitlin's artwork that they displayed.
 This sums up Arizona pretty well.  Sun, cactus and American pride.
We were able to see all she learned about living in the desert.  This was her acrostic poem.
Dust goes around the desert.
Explore the desert.
Snakes are everywhere.
Elf owls eat cactus.
Rocks are everywhere.
Thorns are on cactus.

Sounds like a fun place to live, huh?  

Kaitlin has learned so much this year.  The jump she made in reading is triple what the benchmark was for 1st grade!  She is just a little sponge and loves to learn.  She has also gotten over 100% on every single spelling test this year.  Her words are not easy, like sarcophagus and metamorphosis!  The way she spells you never would have known she had a speech delay.  This one can out spell me!  But that is not saying much.  We are going to miss her teacher greatly as she had her for both Kindergarten and first grade.  Mrs. H starts to tear up every time she talks about Kaitlin leaving.  They have a special bond and I know Kaitlin will remember her fondly.
Charles in charge also had a great year.  We read her 9 page report she wrote on Thomas Edison. and read parts of her alphabet autobiography that they have worked on all year.  Karlie has worked on mastering her math facts and is reading at the 5th grade level.  She devours books and loves to participate.  Her teacher told us she can always count on Karlie to answer a question.  Now if we can just work on that handwriting.  Karlie is really growing into being the big girl on campus and taking her role as big sister seriously.  Next year she will have both Hank and Kaitlin to look out for and she is very excited about that.

 Hailey's open house was different than the elementary scene.  No longer do you get to see their art displays or all the fun things they are learning, but you do get to go talk with teachers and see where they spend their time.  Hailey affectionately calls it her "little prison."  With all the campus security, bars are up everywhere. :(
She is such a sweet girl.  Even with how many students the teachers have they each said how wonderful Hailey was and that she was a favorite.  The choir teacher said that she was really talented!  What?!  Our kid can sing.  Really?! Brains, beauty, voice and artistic.  Sheesh!  Some girls have all the luck.  We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming.
One of the coolest things we got to see was the kids' face tiles.  To celebrate the school's 25th year they had an artist come in and help the kids create tiles of themselves to put in the courtyard.  Kaitlin and Karlie made one with their class.  One day when we were at the school for a Girl Scout meeting they asked Hailey and Hank if they wanted to make one.  Together they made a MKHKKH tile!  I figured they would just set that one aside but they mounted it!  Making our mark in AZ :)

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Courtney said...

You must be beaming with pride with all of your talented kiddos! So good to hear everyone is thriving and growing in AZ!